To the Drunk Driver who stole her life — Loss of a beautiful soul

Please Don’t Drink and Drive again…

She was a sweet smart girl who was friendly with everyone. She was playful, sweet and kindhearted yet direct and outspoken when she finds something unfair. She was a soul with a smile on her face and who never hurt anyone’s feelings.

She lost her father when she was small. Her father, a high ranked soldier who sacrificed his life (and family life) for the future of his country. There were times she was sad but almost all the time she hides everything with the beautiful smile on her face to the outside world.

She was blessed with a younger brother whom she loved dearly and was so proud of. She used to say that he has now become like an elder brother to her. She loved her mum dearly and they were a close knit family.

It was the death anniversary of her grandmother where the whole family went to the annual alms giving. On the way back the relatives offered to drop them to their house. But they kindly refused because they did not want to trouble them. They called a local three wheeler (taxi), and went only a few meters away.

There you came along on the wrong side of the road fast and furiously right in front of their eyes. The three wheel driver did his best in that moment. Yet unfortunately she was on the side where you hit them harshly with your huge vehicle. She was covered in blood at that moment.

A relative’s vehicle was just passing them and seeing the accident had stopped by to call an ambulance. Then as they approached and saw it was them, they were shocked and upset beyond words. They soon took them to the hospital while you were still too drunk. Even the next day at the police station you were sleeping and you couldn’t get up because you were too drunk while my friend was struggling for her life. Her mother was so shocked that she couldn’t remember what happened, and every body made sure she doesn’t know that her daughter was badly injured till she recovered as much as possible, while the little son took everything to his shoulders to look after his mother and check up on his sister.

Then there is you.. You were freed after paying the charges with an ongoing law suite. We heard that you tried to manipulate the evidence and bribe the three wheel driver. I am not sure if you felt any guilt at all. It apparently was not the first time a life was harmed by you drunk driving.

She struggled for ten months. And at that point her mother wished she would let go. When a mother hopes that an offspring would let go of her life you do know that she was struggling her self and was more in pain to see the child in pain.

Then there was the guy whom she started dating just a month or two back. When he could have not come to the scene he made sure he was fully involved with everything what was happening. He spent all his time and savings doing the best he could do for his lover.

She passed away after struggling for ten whole months. Her mother and brother scarred with another untimely death. Her friends still in shock. Her lover who was planning to spend the forever with her — heartbroken and still not over her.

I hope you knew her story. Just to feel a bit more sympathy towards the families and friends whom you damaged and all humans in general. You were irresponsible and selfish. I just hope you would learn from this.

Please do not drink and drive! If you are an individual who is addicted to alcohol and know that you party hard with a bottle on your hand every party you go to. I suggest the Drink Drive app available for Sri-Lankans. There are also many other rehabilitation programs. Please do not take another’s life — be it intentional or unintentional, it is a Life! It won’t be just one life but a whole lot of lives you would be hurting with your negligence.

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