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Dinu Wijayaweera
3 min readJan 10, 2021


GitHub is used by many analysts and engineers in the IT domain. Here are 3 lesser known tips and tricks available on GitHub — for newbies. These few tips would certainly add value to your profile.

1. Add a profile description on GitHub

This sounds so simple however GitHub typically only displays the repositories on your profile. If you would like to add a simple description as an introduction about yourself and a common description on your projects, the best thing to do is to add description. This would be available just above your repositories. This would allow the profile visitors including recruiters to get a better understanding on you and your projects. It would also be visually pleasant to the eyes.

How to:

All you need to do is to create a repository with your user name and make sure the repository is public. You also need to make sure that you initialize the repository with a README file. It is on this README file that you would be able to add your description for your projects.

If you want to learn about GitHub formatting you would find more comprehensive details in GitHub documentation.

2. Create and host your free site on GitHub

GitHub allows you to create and host one free site per user. Similar to the above users are supposed to create a repository with the user name accompanied by .io at the end.

Example: If the user name is ‘pete123’ the repository name would be

and voila, you are all set.

You can also pick a theme.

You also have the capability to refer the same site from a different domain

You can refer the GitHub documentation related to GitHub Pages to further personalize and format your site.

3. Share your ideas, concepts with the world and also improve your know-how with ‘GitHub Gist’

A gist can be either ‘Secret’ or ‘Public’. A Secret Gist can be only viewed by the people whom you share the link with while a Public gist could be viewed by anyone…



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