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Strangers to lovers — A thank you note

Dinu Wijayaweera
3 min readNov 13, 2020


Pic by Congerdesign in Pixabay

In the end it is the one who silently (or even loudly) supports you when the whole world criticizes your decisions, judgements and choices.

The one who prefers lazing around, in a couch, reading, but dares him or herself to go out of his or her comfort zone, just to be with you.

The one who makes you feel you are not alone in an entirely new place and helps you to be yourself.

The one who constantly keeps in touch with you when you fail or unable to do so yourself.

The one who checks up on you if you are doing well or if you are sick — out of concern and not out of curiosity.

The one who surprises you on your birthday with a cake when bakeries are closed because of an ongoing pandemic.

The one who asks if you are okay and if your parents are okay.
And, if you would want anything to be delivered to your parents — for there are queues in the supermarkets.

The one who worries about your safety when you are stuck in a foreign place, due to a crisis,
even though when he/she does not even know you much.

The relative who is distant to you, or not — doesn’t really matter,
but decides to drop in a caring message to check if everything is all right.

The friend who is scared for your life and health,
more than you yourself,
when you are dealing with other problems,
while you are unwell.

The lovely strangers turned friends who touch your heart with kindness, empathy and care at your lowest points,
than some of your age old friends (turned strangers).

The one who sends you spiritual videos, on days when it feels like there is a tight knot in your chest, as the anxiety and stresses numb your heart and soul.

The one who sings especially for you, beautifully,
sends you audio clips to save and listen to them when you are lonely.

The love which is the sanity to your insanity and the peace to your distress.



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