Technical Writing : Tips & Tricks for Newbies

This article shall consist of the basic tips and tricks to make life easy for someone starting off as a technical writer. This shall also consist of few things which I wished I knew when I was starting off as a technical writer myself.

  • When you use the appropriate heading types you would simply be able to generate the Table of Contents in Ms. Word.
  • Similarly you can caption the images and tables by Right click > Caption and then generate Table of Figures.

To generate the Table of Figures, go to References tab > Select ‘Insert Table of Figures’.

  • When you make changes to the fields of Ms. Word there will be instances where certain fields such as image captions and table captions not being updated as needed. For instances like that you can press Ctrl + A and Press F9, it would update all fields easily.
  • When you are including images in your documents always try to use lossless image file types such as .png and not image types as jpeg/jpg.
  • If you need to edit an image, many such options shall be available such as Removing background, colour corrections, changes to colour, etc. you will also be able to crop the image within word itself.
  • You can use Alignment settings to align images as you need them.
  • Try to use the same ‘ Wrap Text’ option through out the document.
  • If you need to protect your document by enabling a password, you could simply do so when you are saving your document.

Select Tools > General Options and provide a suitable password for the document and Select OK.

  • There would also be certain cumbersome situations where you would not be able to remove a watermark (Example: Draft/ Original etc.) in the usual way, which you may have added in a previous version of the document. This may be due to a small glitch in the Ms.Word Version.

Usual way to remove a watermark would be to,

Go to Design >Watermark > Remove Watermark

As a solution, what you could do is first double click on the header/ footer of the document to make it editable. Next, bring your cursor towards the watermark and click on it. Voila! You would be able to select the watermark as an image and thereby press ‘Delete’.

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