There are times where you are surrounded by thousands of people and yet feel alone.

Then, there would be times where you’re just alone at some place yet feel fully contended and happy with your circle of friends.

There would also be times where are you are contended with your circles yet don’t feel like there is anybody you could talk to.

Human’s mind and life itself is tricky as such.

There would be amazing articles, self help books and motivational clips online for one to become positive. Yet, it may not be sufficient for someone who is struggling with a specific issue or a problem. There would be times where you may also not know what really is wrong yet you feel distracted, worried and anxious about things around you.

We often think there is nobody who could sort things for us, and thereby try to keep things crammed up inside our heads without talking about what is bothering and about the feelings. The men, than the women are not used to talk about the way they feel mostly due to social perceptions. Yet, they may try to release whatever which bothers them while having a drink with the peers or with a bar tender. It sometimes may be too late and too loaded when you finally decide to talk to someone.

Then, when you finally do, there may be times when you regret talking or opening up to someone and there may be times when you wished you had done so earlier.

Personally, I have been through both such situations. Yet, incidents would become a learning experience for you about yourself and about the people whom you opened up to.

I have had times where I would talk to my closest friends and they would provide me with the relevant comfort and advice I need. Yet there would be times, where you would find it difficult to explain what you are going through to them and which would in turn create a bit of frustration on your end. It won’t be because they lack empathy but may be because they may have not gone through the situations which you went through.

If you are lucky you would find situations where opening up a bit to someone who barely knows you would end up giving you the lost hope and comfort. Because they may have had similar incidents and gone through similar situations in life and they may have learned from their experiences. They would provide you words which resonates with you, hope and the comfort you may be looking for. Therefore, despite you having your closest circle of friends, I would like to suggest you to open up to friends whom you are not that close to as well. You may end up finding a really good friend in them too. Because it’s not about the number of years of friendship which matters, it would be the quality of the friendship he/ she would provide.

Yet, please be cautious, when you open up. Talk to whomever bit by bit and not suddenly tell your deepest and darkest secrets to that person. But casually cautiously get to know the person and when you feel he / she is trustworthy, talk to him/ her. Sometimes it may lead to disappointments and regrets but it would always be a lesson. You would have to accept and learn to let go of the regrets. Again, if you open up to the right people, they would be able to guide you with their experiences, and if such persons weren’t your closest friends, you would end up creating new ones.

I wish you would come across the right people at the right situations!

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