Ironies of life — by a grandchild

When she needed the most rest, it was when they most played

Dinu Wijayaweera
2 min readFeb 6


Nobody asked me if it was okay to take grandma away,

Don’t the grandkids have a say?

The only living grandparent of mine, ushered away in promise of a better space.

When my grandma was in hospital, others ask me if I went to visit, strange I felt, should I also ask them the same about their ones, heartfelt ?

Irony is that they all cheered to take her far away from us, and now they dare ask if I visit?

NOW when it is ONLY the doctors who could save her…

Irony is that their heads were all over the place, yet I doubt it was there at her base, but instead at a rat race..

I saw the grandma lonely in a hospital bed,

When I told her to ‘Get well soon’ she nodded and said ‘okay’,

when I waved bye, she waved like a little child,

That day I smiled, I had hope.

Then another day when I visited her,

things looked a bit grim,

She was pointing at her legs saying they hurt,

when I massaged, she fell asleep, after awhile,

That day I felt a bit gloomy.

Cried by myself, thinking of my only living grandma,

A feeling creeping by, screaming, that her life was being stolen away,

When she needed the most rest, it was when they most played.

& now she suffer in an ICU with wires around her body,

while her mind is still intact fully, in the ripe age of 89.


During bana the names are praised,

saying all the deeds they did,

which is great,

if only they truly meant them.

I wonder if they think,

that if a monk praises,

that they’d go to paradise,

despite the agendas they have had in mind..



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