Oui, oui c’est un gros cliché pour un titre

Here, I, a woman from Sri Lanka, start my letter about France while listening to Abba, a Swedish pop band. And this article was prompted by watching a Korean series called ‘The package’. Right now.. such a realization hits me differently than it has ever felt before.

It’s close to two years that I have started living in this land which are miles away from where I came from. I have faced countless challenges — some by myself and some with support from my close ones (most are not physically close to me at the moment).

They say you need…

Lets enhance your profile

GitHub is used by many analysts and engineers in the IT domain. Here are 3 lesser known tips and tricks available on GitHub — for newbies. These few tips would certainly add value to your profile.

1. Add a profile description on GitHub

This sounds so simple however GitHub typically only displays the repositories on your profile. If you would like to add a simple description as an introduction about yourself and a common description on your projects, the best thing to do is to add description. This would be available just above your repositories. This would allow the profile visitors including recruiters to get a better…

I felt misguided about certain things thus I thought I would pen it down.

Before coming to France, this is what was portrayed to me;

  • France is so fancy and clean.
  • French people are proud and mean in general.
  • The culture is modern and has the typical western culture.
  • Being a European country things must be fast and high tech everywhere.
  • Amazing styles and fashion.
  • Beautiful architecture.
  • People are gorgeous.
  • French people don’t bath regularly.
  • Paris is the prettiest city in France.
  • Paris being the international city of love — France is all about romance and love.

But actually,


A matter of choice?

How much does your privacy mean to you?

Pic by LoboStudioHamburg in Pixabay

I was a person who was always intrigued by protection of personal data, that probably started since I first created my social media profile which came with the warning from my dad. But then again ironically when I started working in the tech industry it led me to have an interest on data in general and to see what we could do with it. …

Strangers to lovers — A thank you note

Pic by Congerdesign in Pixabay

In the end it is the one who silently (or even loudly) supports you when the whole world criticizes your decisions, judgements and choices.

The one who prefers lazing around, in a couch, reading, but dares him or herself to go out of his or her comfort zone, just to be with you.

The one who makes you feel you are not alone in an entirely new place and helps you to be yourself.

The one who constantly keeps in touch with you when you fail or unable to do so yourself.

The one who checks up on you if…

The starting point of a data science study.

A data science project would always be taking a hypothesis as a basis. Because, all data science projects start with a business problem and the hypotheses helps to explain the particular business problem. Because hypotheses would clearly capture the variables of a data science problem.

In generic terms, ‘Hypothesis’ is an idea or a claim we have previously established. In statistics we would carry out tests to further investigate the previously established statements. These tests would be carried out on a representative sample from the population. …

Probably the one I was most fond of, in my entire life

Mage Chuti Atthamma — literal translation : My tiny/little grandmother and we called her Chuti Atthamma because she really was tiny.

Typically you feel grateful for your grandparents for giving wonderful parents. And for me I was also grateful for the fact that she was my grandmother, so I was also grateful for my mother for giving this lady as my grandmother. (I am not sure if that makes sense - but yeah that’s how I feel. …

From someone who feared to trip solo — Part 3: Finally, you are traveling all by yourself!

This is the part 3 and the last one of the Traveling Solo article series.

When you initially dream about your solo travels I bet you would be all excited and probably could not wait for the day to travel alone. Yet, even on the way of the big day, I was partly dreading it and was less enthusiastic than I expected I would be (when I used to dream about traveling solo back in the day) — I was thinking of the mix dorm I booked. I was…

You try not to think, but still think about it

From someone who feared to solo trip — Part 2: When the day arrives

I used to constantly dream of solo travels, yet, I somehow kept giving myself excuses because deep down I actually feared and dreaded to go on a trip all alone.

When the time passes and you get closer to the day, you just end up feeling anxious, and go to and fro with your decision. You try not to think but you would end up catching yourself feeling anxious about your trip. …

Data-centric marketing approach for your business


Marketing is the key to reach out to your potential customers as well as the gateway to stabilize the relationship with your existing customers. Over the years, as much as technology, entrepreneurs and businesses find new ways to market their product or market themselves (self taught gurus, social media influencers, celebrities etc.).

While the marketing process can be really rigorous and creative, you would find yourself trying new methods to keep yourself in par with others from your industry. You would be advertising so much for your products but there may not seem any good result. The marketing budget is…

Dinu Wijayaweera

Writer — Tech, Business, Emotions; Photography enthusiast — (www.instagram.com/dinu.w)

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